"José Luis Carrasco structures his photographic projects under the recourse of the enumeration conditioned by the respect towards the language, by his commitment in contributing that own variant to the way of beginning that his theory offers ... And this concept, the one of the death , is the one that registers in its images in a sincere way, without evasive, from three differentiated planes: metaphorical, organic and abstract. In relation to the metaphorical one, among others, the photograph of a faded road line and another, the poster of an unsigned sign in the middle of the forest, in relation to the organic one, a bird like snow covered and some calcined bushes, and in the section of the abstraction there follow images of uncertain forms of monochromatic contrast. In each of these three sections represent the concept of death: the end of the road, the cold, the destruction of matter, light and darkness ... And death is derived to "fugacity" and "frailty", as the author affirms, and these two manifestations are those that are based on the reading of the images, as beautiful in their formal style as tremulous in their content."


Extracted from the book "Photography as poetry" page 151 in reference to the project "Still Life" , chapter "Poetic-photographic structures". Author: Llorenç Raich Muñoz. Casimiro books, 2018.